Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Railway children - important events

1) Ask students to identify them most important event or the event that changes where the story is leading to / or the climax...
Among the possible events would be :
1. When the father is taken away
2. Moving to the white house in the  country
3. Meeting the old gentleman
4. Mother falls sick
5. Saving the boy in th tunnel

.... but the most important event agreed upon was after the landslide, and when the children used their petticoat to stop the train from colliding with the rubble from  the landslide.After this incident, they met the old gentleman, face to face when they were given the gold watch as an appreciation for having stopped the train before anything bad happens to the train passengers.
This lesson is quite suitable for HEP students - Ask the students to report the events that happened during the event; Write in a way that would make the newspaper saleable.

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