Thursday, February 16, 2012

Themes in The Railway Children

Before you do this in your class, make sure:
1. Students have really read the book
2. Students knows all the characters in the book...

Themes in the novel
1. The importance of family ties
    There is a strong bond in the family : eg Mother is always at home , Birthday of the family members are celebrated....etc

2. Being helpful and optimistic
    Eg. Bobbie  and her siblings are very helpful- they were willing to help eg. when they realised that there was a landslide occuring and might be fatal to the train passengers, they risked their life to stop the train. Bobbie even stepped on the railway lines/track to wave the flags made from their own petticoat in order to make sure the train driver see her and stop the train.

   Perk was also helpful when he helped to deliver the food and medicine to Bobbie's family.
   Old Gentleman was helpful when he send them the food and medicine that Bobbie and her siblings asked for.
   Bobbie was very optimistic that her father was not guilty and will be released..

3. The joys of childhood

4. Act of bravery

5. Coping with hardship

6. Resourceful and innovative - when they use their petticoats as flags to stop the train.

Task: Choose one theme. Then discuss in group one scene that best illustrate the theme. Role play the scene.

This is quite a task for the children - to act out the scene... would definitely be interesting to watch but might take a long time to complete : Suggestion as afternoon activities.

Credits to the team of teachers who have worked hard to produce the materials and also to those who have conducted the course. I would also like to say thank you to the Curriculum Development Division for the materials and courses organised.
Thank You .


  1. Hello there, this is a gentle reminder to kindly acknowledge the above materials as part of the Curriculum Development Division module. The module was prepared by a team of dedicated teachers and it is only fair to see that you acknowledge their hard work. Thank you.

  2. We would like to say thank you to the team of teachers who have produced the above materials. We had gone to the course conducted in our state and it was definitely helpful. Hopefully many others would benefit from the materials produced.

  3. Thank you for the notes. Can I get more notes about the lessons, themes, moral values, settings, plot, moral lessons, chracter study in paragraphs.

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