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catch us if you can - Synopsis, themes and moral values

     Rory and his grandfather, Granda, have looked after each other since Rory’s dad walked out on them. Granda is given to lapses in memory (putting Rory’s homework down the rubbish chute and the rubbish in Rory’s school bag) and completely irresponsible behaviour (setting fire to his coat at a Parents’ Evening), but he has a generous heart and plenty of charm. Rory acts as his carer until there is a fire in the flat and the authorities decide to separate them. However, Rory is determined that they will stay together and they embark on an escape but with their faces on every television screen and in every newspaper, this is not so easy.  Their journey is full of surprise betrayals and unexpected friends as they attempt to evade the authorities and eventually track down the man who walked out on them.
1. Family and relationships
A journey of love and protection between a grandfather and his grandson.

2. Growing up / Adolescence
 Explores key issues that young boys of this age may confront as their characters are             shaped by relationships around them.

3. Bridging the generation gap
A young boy’s love for his aging grandfather; it shows a young boy realizing that someone he loves deeply may die.

4. Social and civic responsibilities
How society tries to intervene and help those who they think are unfairly treated or who they think deserve a better treatment.

5. Social bias
How society is quick to decide what the aged and ailing as well as the young should be treated.

  Catch Us If You Can - Moral values :

1. Family relationships and bonds must be appreciated and maintained.
2. Communication is an important feature among friends and family members.
3. Trust is a vital component in bridging generations.
4. Appearances may not be what they seem.

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