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Catch Us if you can - characters in the novel

The different characters found in the novel :


What They Do To Help

Why They Help


1. He helps Rory come with an excuse for Mrs.
   Foley as to why Rory had not passed up his
2. He is a good listener and although he
   conveys his mother’s messages / opinions
   to Rory, he himself is worried about the
   burden of responsibility that his dear friend
   has to bear.
3.  Darren comes up with the solution that
     Rory and Granda could ‘escape’ to his
     mother’s secluded but comfortable
     caravan when Rory knew he had to take his
     grandfather away from Rachnadar. Rory
     swears Darren to secrecy and in turn the
     latter sneaks Rory the spare key of the
4. Later, Darren texts Rory to warn him that
    the police know where Rory and his
    grandfather are and encourages him to run

Darren Fisher is Rory’s best pal and genuinely likes Granda too.


1.  When Rory and Granda have to leave the    first caravan, and are unable to run away fast because of Granda‘s health, Sammy comes up from behind to lead them out of the police search. He practically offers his help, leading them through the trees and bushes.

2. Sammy explains that the police would have got to Rory and Granda if he and Tyrone had not helped them instead. They had actually recognised them  after watching the television and decided that they would be the ones to help when it was needed. 
3. Sammy understood Granda’s initial mistrust of them but he was willing to drive the camper van out of police scrutiny and move on to his brother’s place far south to Dundee.

4. At the railway station, Sammy gives Rory his mobile number and makes Rory promise that he will call Sammy if he needed anything. 
A kind man, he wants to help the two of them escape the police and the media.

Annie and Rab

1.   Rab takes them under his wing when he 
  sees that Granda is unable to continue
  driving the stolen car and allows them to
  stay in his flat. 
2. Rab is keen to get a doctor to look into
 Granda’s health and reassures Rory that he
 would (not) turn them in.
3.  It is Rab who first suggests to Rory that he 
 should go to Liverpool to meet his father.

4. When the police are looking for the stolen
     car, Rab comes up with the idea of driving
     to the border and to hand them over to his
     girlfriend, Annie who would then take them
     closer to Liverpool.

5. Annie later drives them to Norma’s house.

Rab is the petrol station attendant who recognises them and wants to help them.

Annie is Rab’s girlfriend.

Norma and Nicola

1. Norma prepares a great dinner for both of
     them. Nicola is adamant that the both of
     them have done the correct thing.
2. Norma has agreed to drive them to
3. Norma actually tells the police when she
     realises that Rory’s dad has to know of their
     whereabouts.  (What do you think of Norma, has 
     she done the right thing? )

Norma is Annie’s cousin.
Nicol is Norma’s daughter.

Dr Nicol

1. Cares for Granda and provides him with the
     necessary pills.
2. Is very concerned about Rory and about
     how he has to care for his grandfather at
     such a young age. 
3. He is fond of both Rory and Granda – thinks
     they are like “a doubleact”.
4. Tell Mister McIntosh that  he is indeed a
     lucky man to have a grandson like Rory

5. He is concerned for both of them and was
     going to do his best to get a home help.
     Finally, he arranges for Val Jessup – a social
     worker, to take care of the affairs of Granda
     and Rory. 
An old family friend and doctor who cares for Granda and is also worried for Rory and his responsibilities.

Val Jessup

1.  She is nervous about Rory living alone in the
     flat after the fire mishap and so drives him
     to the children’s home in Castle Street.
2. She takes Rory to the hospital to see his
     grandfather but keeps her worries about
     the latter’s health a secret.
3. Eventually, it is she who tells Rory that the
     authorities have moved granda to the old
     people’s home and that Rory, being young,
     really cannot take the responsibility of    
     caring for his aged and unwell grandfather. 
4. When Rory and his grandfather are on the
     run, Val Jessup appears on TV to address
     them, appealing  for them to get in touch,
     stating that the authorities were only
     worried abut them and that it was granda’s
     health that was the main concern. 
A social worker who, in her enthusiasm in her first case, really takes to heart about Granda and Rory.

edited from source : CDC

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