Thursday, March 22, 2012

Catch Us If You Can - Write about a character who shows determination.

A character who shows determination in the novel , Catch us if you can, is Rory. This novel is mostly about the determination shown by a young boy , Rory, who is determined to escape the possibilities of being separated from his Granda who has looked after him since he was a little baby.

Rory is determined to take care of his Granda even though many people have suggested that Granda be put into a home for the elderly.
For example, Darren's mother .....
In other words,  by putting Granda in the old folks' home, Rory would be able to lead a usual life like any other teenagers.
However, Rory will not even discussed the matter. He would be very angry if somebody ....

In addition , Rory is very determined to care for Granda because Granda is the only family he has.
To make sure they are not separated , he really takes care of Granda's need.  
For example,  he hides Granda's pipe before Granda goes to bed so that .... .
He also makes sure Granda takes his pills on time.
He even goes back at lunch time to buy Granda two hot pies...

Rory is also determined to be with Granda at all times.
A fire occurs at their apartment when Granda tries to cook something to please Rory. . The incident results in the two of them being separated. Granda is put in Rachnadar, the old folks' home, while Rory has to stay in Castle Street Home. Granda says that Rachnadar is a place where they put old folks that nobody wants. Rory is afraid that Granda will be dead inside after finding his grandfather getting so upset to be there." It hurts him when he heard Granda saying that  he would run away if he was younger. After being in Castle Street home  for ______ days and getting bullied by Tess, Rory decides to escape.  

Rory is very determined to make the Great Escape. He plans the event in  3 days.
He plans on the place to stay after the escape with the help from Darren. Darren gives him the key to his mother's caravan.
Besides, he also thinks of bringing Granda's clother.....
He also plans on how to escape from Rachnadar. .....

When the police came to Darren's caravan, Rory takes the necessary action to bring Granda away from the caravan. He knows that Granda is not really well but he is determined to be together. So, Rory..................................

In conclusion, we can say that Rory is definitely a character who really shows determination. If not for this characteristic, he definitely would have been separated from his grandfather and he himself would live alone in Castle Street Home with the other orphans.